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Please Read All Instructions Thoroughly Before Attempting Any Of These Projects. Some Are Extremely Simple, Others Will Take Considerable Mechanical Or Electrical Knowledge. Some You Might Want To Print And Take To Your Trusted Wrench. Please Keep In Mind Many Of These Tips And Projects Have Been Contributed To This Site By Others. The Author Has Not Necessarily Done Every Mod Or Added Every Component Mentioned. Know The Project Before You Start

Thank You


Mods In This Area Are Almost All Screw On or Bolt On Items
Please Read Instructions All The Way Through Before Beginning a Project

Quick & Easy Seat Release For Vulcan 1500 (Michel Mass
Quick Releases for Your Seat & (Nomad) Bags & Windshield ( Gadget )
Angle Your Nomad Windshield & Reduce or Eliminate Buffeting (Vernon Appenzeller
Balancing Those Air Shocks The Easy Way (Gadget)
No (or low) Cost Rumble For Your Nomad Exhaust (Vernon Appenzeller
Handlebar Accessory Mount ( Gadget
Accessory Switch Options ( Gadget
Kickstand Brace For The Earthquake Or Just Accident Prone ( Les Covey
Extra Storage Space If You Have a Trunk or Windshield? ( Gadget
Passenger Footpeg Extension For 800/1500/1600 Vulcan Classic (Gadget
Drink Holder (Jax & Ron Haidenger)
Bedroll Carrier ( Sunny Bob )
Make Yourself Comfortable With Highway Pegs (Gadget)
Highway Pegs on the Cheap (Zboy900
Highway Peg Anti Swivel (Bob (Sunny) Cooper & Gadget)
Get a Grip! Swap Your Stockers For Aftermarket Grips
Give Your Wrist a Break. Get a Throttle Lock (Gadget
Pull Those Bars Back With Risers (now with brake line instructions too)
Personalize Your 1500 Nomad and Classic By Changing The Nameplate (Various)
Lay Down License Plate (By El Sid )
Floorboard Space Maker..Handy After an Air Cleaner Mod ( Johnny Vulcan
Add a K & N Air Filter (Gadget)
Give Your Right Foot Some Space. Extend The Brake Pedal (Gadget)
It's About "TIME"!! Clocks You Can Actually See While Riding (Gadget)
Let Them Know You're There! Horn Replacement Tips For Your Vulcan (Various)
Change The (look of) Your Nomad or Classic FI Seat! (Harry Brown)
Classic Gap? "After" The Rectifier Relo (see below) or GB Removal A Storage Idea (Bill Heuermann & Greg Shaffer)
Helmet Lock Relocation For Your Nomad.. No More Stooping! (Gadget)
Stop The Windshield Buffet With Lowers (and we're not talking Margarita's here) 
Make Your Own Tank Bag...It's soooooo Easy! (Terry Guolee )
Chrome Inner Engine Cover..A simple bolt on (Gadget)
Top Rails For Nomad Bags, A "How To" (Regor)
Memphis Shades Shield & Jardine Light Bar--The Impossible Mod?  ( Mark Knight
Dress Up Your Shift Pegs With Aftermarket Parts (Gadget)
Add a Shelf To Your Nomad Bags ( Gadget
A Saddle Bag option for short trips on your Classic or MS (Ken Sanchez)
Remove Your Nomad Windshield (almost) Instantly (Randy Bennett)
Tie Downs (bungee connection) From Pop Tops? ( Gadget
Key Mods, Carry Your Bike's Theme In Your Pocket or Hide It In Plain Sight ( Wes Head/Jax
Muffler Alternatives For Your Nomad ( El Sid
Add a Crankcase Breather  (Gadget
Hide Your Frame Bolts ( Norman Dank )
Making Sparks, Just a Fun Thing ( Gadget

These Tips Tend To Be More Involved But None Require Exotic Tools
In Some Instances a Basic Knowledge of Electricity will be helpful

Please Read Instructions All The Way Through Before Beginning a Project

Auxiliary Fuse Box...The Right Way To Add Electrical Accessories (Scott Hanks & Gadget
Add a Goldwing Windshield Vent and Keep Your Cool! ( Leo Jansen
Less Tilt For Your VN1600 With A Kickstand Transplant (Jim Kelley & Rich Lockyer
Shock Pressure Gauge..The Always On Instant Readout ( Bob (Sunny) Cooper
After The Progressive Shock Install, Create a Smoooth Ride ( Mr. Detail
Fast Idle (choke) Knob Relocation ( Ray Haefy
Passenger Floorboard Options For 1600 Nomad ( Brian Kirkham, David Parsons, Bob Nafzinger
Air Horn Installation...You Can Definitely Hear Me Now ( Gadget
Reed Valve Disabling Instructions..Stop The Pop (Gadget)
Coaster Installation (a step beyond disabling instructions above) ( Gadget )
Get a Grip Accessory Connector ( Gadget
The Anti Ping, a 25 cent fix for pre-ignition ( Various )
Ignition Switch Relocation..The No Cost Way (Norman Armstrong) 
Another Ignition Switch Relocation Using a Horn Cover ( Gadget
4.2 Gallon Tank Switch Relocation The Low Bucks Way ( Ray Castleberry
Gut Your Goat Bladder (Ny2az & Hoss)
Muffle Your Vance & Hines Baggers (Gadget & Wompus
Relocate Your Rectifier For A Clean Cool Look! (Multiple Contributors
Modify That F&S Backrest To Work With Mustang Seat (Roctane & Ny2az w/Gadget)
Air Cleaner Bolt & Oil Fill Cap Mod (Gadget)
V-Cover..A Left Side Engine Cover That Won't Break The Bank ( Troop
Tubeless Wire Wheels ( Gene Berrier
Install "Progressive" Fork Springs On Your Carbed Vulcan (by Rudi Kiefer)
Install (the impossible?) "Progressive" Fork Springs On Your FI Vulcan (Al deCoudres )
More Power For Your Carbed Vulcan With a "Coyote Kit" (by Coyote)
More Power For Your Carbed or Injected Vulcan With a "Caddmann Kit" (by CaddmannQ
Home Made Open Air Intake For $20?  Yep.  (Thomas J. Daluisio
Install an Aftermarket Air Cleaner (Fred Macary & Gadget
Stealth Air Cleaner, Part Thunder Part Kawasaki ( Gadget
Idle Solenoid Muffler  (Bruce Anderson
Gut Your Vulcan 1500 (and 1600 Nomad) Mufflers  ( Steelman )  (now with pictures)
Gut Your Vulcan 1600 Classic Mufflers  (Gordon "Gypsy" Wallgorski(now with diagrams)
Techlusion TFI Installation..Don't Run Lean, Run Mean!  ( Gadget
Accessory Power! Add a Cigarette Lighter Socket (Regor)
Auxiliary Gas Tank Solution.. (Denny Potoczky)
Tachometer Installation (Gadget
Wind Deflectors For Your Hands..Make Them Yourself ( Scott Harns
You CAN have an accurate digital speedometer ( Gadget
Dress Up Your Nomad's Front Wheel (even though Kawasaki says you can't) ( CaddmannQ
Gauges For Your Vulcan--Volts--Oil Pressure--Water Temperature  ( Gadget  ) 
Garage Door Opener Button You Can Reach! ( Gadget

A Working Knowledge of 12 Volt Electrical Systems Will Be Helpful
A Multimeter or 12 Volt Test Light Is Pretty Much Mandatory
Please Read Instructions All The Way Through Before Beginning a Project

Wiring Driving Lights or, Doing the Circuit!! (Gadget)
Get Your Headlight Working In An Emergency With The Hunt Shunt (Jim Hunt) 
Headlight Modulators, A Terrific Safety Device (Gadget
Add 4 Way Flashers For Safety! (Jon "Chaps" Miller, Gadget & Ray Haefy
Light It Up!! Light The Rear Of Your Nomad With An LED Strip (Gadget)
Convert Your Rear Turn Signals Into combination signals/brake lights/running lights (Gadget)
Show It Off! Engine Lights (Gadget)
No Drill No Fuss Spotlight Mount For 1500's and maybe others  ( Jim MacKenzie
Nad Owners Don't Need Stinkin' Lightbars! (By Kirk Dockery)
Light Bar Free Spotlight Mount For Classics (TallAnnie)
Another Nomad Light Bar Solution (Al Nestor
Nomad 1600 Lightbar For Under $100--Way Under !  ( John Herring
Light Bar Lens Swap From Incandescent To Halogen (Gadget)
Almost Invisible Driving Lights For The Vulcan Classic (by Greg "Undertaker" Harris VROC#6362)
Upgrade Your Headlight Bulb to 100 watts on high beam (Gadget)
Add a Brighter Brake Light With Two Bucks & a Twist (Gadget)
Bolt On a Fender Light (Harry Brown)
Bag Lights For Nomad And Other Hard Bagger Bikes (  John Herring )  
Replace Your H4 With a High Intensity Discharge Bulb ( Douglas (Tiny) Richards

Hard Bag Chaps, Make Em' Yourself ( Mark "Dutch" Haaland
Saddlebag Brackets The Easy (and inexpensive) Way ( Fast20
Soft Bags For Your Nomad ( Jim Hunt )
Unlock Your Nomad Bags And Leave Them That Way ( Gadget )
Nomad Saddlebag Strips, Replace Them The Inexpensive Way (Chris Throgmartin
Detail Your Errant Wiring (John Arsenault
Make Your Own Backrest (Michel Mass)  
Paint Your Tail Light Black ( Gadget
F&S Passenger Backrest Mod (Terry (Red Tube) Stage, Dennis (Rainman) Haugen, Wired George, Dan Champagne)
Add Some Sparkle To Your Fenders & Any Seamed Tank   (Gadget & John Arsenault
Customize Your Bike With Marbleized Paint (Prezzzz)
Paint Your Side Covers (Gadget)
Get The Dents Out (Gadget)
Tank Badge Removal (the art of) (By Jeffrey James) and Re-Attach (By Marty Kronen)
Tint Your Mirrors to Cut Headlight Glare (Brian 'Shooter' Register)
Windshield Tint To Match Your Bike (Hoss)
Hide Your Handlebar Wiring (By Jeff Henon)
Backrest Solutions For Nomad & Classic (Gadget)
A Solo Fender Rack That Follows The Curve! (Gadget)
Add A Trunk For Additional Storage (assorted)
Stretch Your Luggage Capacity (Leonard Newman)
Add A Commercial Or Other Fairing For Extra Wind Protection Or For Entertainment ( Gadget )
Add A Harley Davidson Fairing To Your Cruiser..A Generic Mod ( Kevin Lackey
Adapt a Harley Davidson Fairing To Your Nomad ( Sid (ElSid) Findley
No Bag Nomad, A Simple Bracket For No Bag Riding That Looks Great ! ( Les Covey
Windshield Bag Bracket ( Bob Nafzinger
A Windshield Pouch For Your Fairing ( Gadget


A List of Tricks, Tips and Links Specific To The Vulcan Drifter

Speed/RPM Guide Specifically for Drifter 800/1500  ( NITF
Another Link To A Drifter Mods Page
Lay Down License Plate (Brent Dewald)
Rear Wheel Removal (Tabasco Stan)
Dump The Buzz From Your Front Fender (Virg)


Links To Great Sites With Tricks, Tips & Maintenance Help For These Bikes

Wolf's Bike Shop for the Vulcan 800
Tweek's Vulcan 800 Tips, Mods & Bling
Gypsy's Vulcan 750 Site: Tech, Travel & Other Useful Information
The Vulcan 750 Website Complete With 750 Forum
JR's Tips, Hints & Other 750 Vulcan Info

Some Of These Items Require Good Mechanical Skills
Please Read Instructions All The Way Through Before Beginning a Project

Maintenance Schedule & Log (Snackman This Page Requires MS Excel or Compatible
Torque Specifications (important!) For the Vulcan 1500 Series
OEM Air Shock Oil Recharge  (GrayWarrant)
Center Stand For Easy Maintenance, Buy It or Make It (Philip Pratt
Steering Head Nut Torque Procedure ( Gus Gustafson, Michel Mass
Steering Bearing Zerk Installation For Easy Lubrication ( Harpo
Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment..The Ultimate Ping Eliminator ( Garry Vander Eyk
Cold Idle Blues Fix ( Bruce Shepard
Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist, Especially Helpful After Winter Layup (Gadget)
Brake Pad Replacement (Gadget)
Cam Chain Tensioner Extenders ( Tim (Snake) Acree )  
Front Axle Removal and Installation  (Gadget
Bleed Brake & Clutch Lines The Easy And Inexpensive Way ( Tim Patterson )
Oil Screen, The Mysterious Drain Dealers Don't Seem To Know About (Gadget)
Driveshaft Repair, Solving a Strange Vibration Problem ( Gadget
Stripped Oil Plug? No Worries, Here's The Fix (Uturn)
Gear Case (final drive) Lube Change ( Gadget
Swing Arm Lubrication  (Robert Mayes Gadget & David Hardy
Add A Grease Fitting For Your Swingarm (Rudi (Roc Doc) Keifer & David (Sarge) Parsons
Clutch Spring Replacement (when the clutch starts slip, slip, slippin' away ( Gadget
Lube Your Own Driveshaft (7500, 15,000, 24,000 mile maintenance) (Rudi Keifer)
Rear Tire Removal for Nomad & Classic 1500/1600 (Gadget
Oil Filter Options, A Worthy Assortment
Ready, Aim! How To Get Your Motorcycles Headlight Spot On Target (Paul Glaves)
Find Your Main Fuse (The Search For Hidden Meaning?)  
Winterize Your Bike (this, from a guy who lives in San Diego? Nah, this is an "expert" opinion)
Level Your Vulcan, The Next Best Thing To a Center Stand (J. Murphy)
Level Your Bike For Oil Level Checks Safely With Daddo's Pegleg ( Ron Haidenger
Gas Tank Removal For F.I. Vulcans (Bill Heuermann)
Throttle Body Cleaning...Get Your Idle Back (Gadget
The Fuel Injection System Layout & Troubleshooting (Gadget)
Fuel Filter Replacement for '01-04 Classic/Nomad (Quinton Grubbs
The Keihin CVK-40 Carburetor (care and feeding of) ( Redondo Ron )
Coolant Change, a Step by Step How To (Gadget)
Coolant Replacement Options..When Plain Green Won't Do (Dave Kimmey)
My Fan Stopped Working! Troubleshooting a Troublesome fan ( Gadget )
Solving The 'Abrupt/Grabby Clutch' Conundrum ( Tim Duguay )
Fork Oil Change For Cartridge (FI) Type Forks ( Gadget
Change Fork Oil Without Major Disassembly (T-Stan)
Oil Magnet ( Brian Johnston
Battery Tech: More Than You "Ever" Needed To Know About Your Battery (Anton Largiader)
Battery Replacement (Gadget

Lots of Quickies, Most Good For Any Bike You Ride

Gas Station Air Chuck Solution ( Paul Taylor
Helmet and Gear Holder (Gadget
Mount A Camera On Your Bike For $4 or Less (assorted
One Liners (lots of quick tips) 
Handlebar Replacement Measurements & Tips 
Motorcycle Cleaning from Z to A (Gadget
Organize Your Top Loader Saddlebags ( Jax
Pipe and Boot Saver For Floorboard Equipped Bikes ( Vincent Allen  )
Crash Bar Anti Scratch ( Gadget
Did You Know? Things You Might Not Know About Your Vulcan
Motorcycle Transmissions, How They Work ( Gadget
Whistle Stop (Jim Mann)
Why Do Tires Wear More Rapidly On The Left? This Link Answers That Question
Helmet Shield Scratch Removal..Why Spend $40 On A New One?? (Gadget)
Windshield Scratch Removal (Gadget)
The $4.00 Sheepskin Seat Cover Solution (Lawdog & Scott Harns
Feel The Heat! Cold & Wet Weather Riding Protection (Various)
Campers Checklist (Gadget)
Make Your Frogg Toggs Rainsuit Exhaust Pipe Resistant (Don Schaffer)
Pipe Cleaners..Get Melted Boot, Raincoat & Other Grunge Off Your Pipes
Turn Your Bike Around With a Garage Turntable ( Ian Jackson
What To Carry With You - "The Magic Bag" (Art Friedman)
Attach Just About Anything To Your Bike...Brackets 101 (Gadget

The Data Place With Helpful Tools For The Workbench or Garage

Ohm's Law Calculator To Determine Power & Fusing Requirements
Speed/RPM Check For Vulcans (New Browser Version by NITF
Nut & Bolt Size Guide..Make Your Own On The Cheap ( Gadget
Find Your Clamp Size (Gadget
Tune Your Engine Using a Colortune Spark Plug  ( Gadget
Parts Microfiches for Vulcan 1500/1600 Classic & Nomad ( JMR2112
Wiring Diagrams Nomad L-1 & L-2 FI and 1600 Classic  
Wire Size Chart. Use The Right Size For The Load!!
Electrical (charging) System Fault Finding (Gadget)
Power Shortage? Determine Whether You Can Add Yet Another Accessory
Lift Adapter Design for Larin & Harbor Freight Motorcycle (ATV) Lifts 
Spark Plug Cross Reference (for motorcycles) This is a big page, it may take awhile to load.
Spark Plug Number Codes (NGK)
The Five Dollar (or less) Motorcycle Jumper Cable ( Gadget
Metric to SAE & SAE to Metric Conversion Charts

Products Tested & Approved By Riders

Slime Sport Compressor, The Tiny Pump That Can! ( Gadget
Fuse Buddy Electrical Load Tester (Gadget
Hold-It Red Tube Anti Escape 
Kisan Charge Guard (Gadget
Riding Jacket from "Classy Rider" (Gadget
Cleaning Made Easy With Bike Brush (Gadget
Quick Electrical Connect/Disconnect With a Coax Connector (Gadget)
California (dash) Duster (Gadget

For Things That Defy Classification

Antenna Test--Mast, Powered or Passive Which Works Best? ( Gadget
GPS On a Bike..Stuff You Need To Know (Gadget
Secure Your GPS With a Tether (Leash) (Gadget
Build Your Own Trailer On The Cheap (Gadget)
Trailer Towing Tips...Read Before You Go (Fred Burger )
Build Your Own Motorcycle Alarm For About $10 ( R Maloney )
Recycle Your Stock Seat (Gadget)  
Helmet Laws State by State 
Electronic Cruise Control For Nomad & Classic FI ( Gadget & Others

Kawasaki's Vehicle Information area where you have access to select manuals, specifications, and parts diagrams for your Vulcan. If you search by VIN, you will also have access to warranty status and recall information.
Need New Parts? This is Gadget's Master "List O' Links" To Accessory Suppliers (Look for Favored Vendors)
Fasteners, Scootworks has all you'll need along with useful tips
Willie's Cycle Salvage will rewind your stator for $129 (Nomad) + $25 for a 20% power boost
Electrical Replacement..Electrex supplies new replacement Rectifiers, Stators etc.
Tire Info, All You Ever Need To Know From Dunlop
Delphi Vulcan Forum a friendly place to share stories and learn about the Vulcan
Getting Ready To Buy a Bike? Cycle Buy will give you the dealer cost (for a fee)
Robert Hilliard's Excellent Nomad Page...Lots of great tips and links 
Scott Houston's page contains many useful tips. Check it out, Scott is VROC #22!
Color Rite (o.e. supplier) for touchup paint to match your pride & joy.
OIL!!! more than you ever needed to know!! 


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