Auxiliary Gas Tank
Pull a Trailer? Fond of Iron Butt Rides?
This may be your long haul solution


One of the more frequently posted questions on Vulcan forums and in newsgroups goes something like "how can I get more range?" or "what ever possessed Kawasaki to put such a small tank on such a wonderful motorcycle? (especially when the Nomad and Classic tanks only held 4.2 gallons) Well, we can't change the latter but we can address the former. 


The solution is a Dune Buggy Tank.  The photo is of a product made by "Chirco", a 3.5 gallon spun aluminum tank which can be found on this page (and probably others).   Moon makes a similar tank, you'll find an example here.

One Nomad rider, Denny Potoczky, took the installation a step further, mounting the tank inside a bag.  

Awesome eh? The bag came from J.C. Whitney, about $130. Note the trailer hitch too.



[Gadget "stay out of jail" comment: Note the use of a stock Fire & Steel luggage rack in the photo above. These racks are technically limited to 10 pounds of loading (at least that's what the attorney approved sticker says) and obviously three gallons of gas plus hardware will weigh closer to 30 pounds. Strongly consider the use of a Wompus rack instead of F&S to carry this load.]

The plumbing will be left to your imagination but should be very simple for a carbed bike.   Dennis (mentioned above in connection with the 3 gallon aluminum tank) uses up the aux tank first then switches to the regular tank so he has use of the gauge for his final 4 gallons. Mileage for his carbed Nomad? At least 250 miles between fill up's. Owners of FI bikes might want to investigate (and this isn't a recommendation being made, only a possibility) plumbing this into one of their vent hose outlets (note the aux tank has to be mounted higher than the bike tank) and turning on a petcock to refill the main tank from the auxiliary when necessary. Or just take along a siphon hose. FI owners will NOT be able to splice a "T" into the high pressure fuel line between tank and injectors.