Add a Windshield Bag With This Simple Bracket
Bob Nafzinger

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Bob's Handy Bag Solution

A lot of riders like the convenience and the look of a windshield bag but mounting them can be a little perplexing.  Do you drill holes in the nice new bag and zip tie it to the windshield frame or drill holes in the windshield or ???

Check out Bob's solution.   He made a bracket from stainless steel that attaches to the windshield using the stock bolts.   The bag is riveted to the frame.

What You'll Need

1-A steel strip.  Stainless can be shined up nearly as bright as chrome or you could use mild steel (easier to bend and drill) and paint it.

1-Toolbag of your choice

1- Rivet gun and a half dozen or so stainless steel rivets.  (If you don't have one check your neighbors).  You could also use short bolts

How To Do It

1. Click on the thumbnail for a full size image and print this pattern /files/includes/images/bn_bracketdim.jpg (43053 bytes)

2. Take the pattern to your workshop and check the dimensions against your own windshield bolts.   If it's pretty close then make a pattern from cardboard (this is why you save those old shoeboxes) and make some test bends and holes.   Work with cardboard and your choice of bag until you have everything juuuuust right.  The bag should be supported but not hitting anything.

3. Transfer your cardboard pattern (stretched out, no folds) to your steel strip making hole and fold locations

4. Use a vice to hold your steel strip while you're making your bends

5. Test fit your new steel bracket to the windshield.  You'll probably have to go back to the vice a couple of times for adjustments.  Hold the bag against the bracket, checking to be sure it isn't hitting anything with steering at full lock both directions.

6. Mark your bag for rivets and pre-drill holes for them.  Install rivets (or bolts)

7. Your installation should look something like this from the top /files/includes/images/bn_bracket_top.jpg (59842 bytes)

8. Snug your windshield and bracket bolts down (don't over tighten or you'll crack the windshield)

9. Toss your garage door opener and whatever else you plan to carry in the newly mounted bag

10. Go ride