Bungee Cord Connections
You Can Tell Everyone They're Made From Old Beer Can Pop Tops

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Well, that's what they look like to me, beer can pull tabs (before we got civilized and started leaving them on the can)  but they sure do the trick.    With the Nomad getting a bungee hook down between bags and fender trim can be a challenge. For alternative hooks you can't use anything very wide due to that same lack of space. These will do the job if you have to carry items on your pillion pad or fender rack occasionally.

The part is from J&P cycles and can be found on their website.    It's called a "Tie Down Bracket" and is part number 9400015.   Cost is $1.99 each at this writing.

One small rub with ordering from J&P.  Their shipping cost is a fixed minimum of $5.50 plus a handling fee.   If you're only ordering four or six of these brackets the shipping can be almost the same as the item.   Solution, browse the J&P catalog and wait on these things until you have a 'wish list' of other things to order.

Super simple to install just remove the bolts holding the rear fender trim (and the fender to the frame), slip the bolt through the smaller of the two holes and re-install the bolt.   You might want to use a washer between the bolt head and bracket so the new part doesn't try to spin while you're tightening the bolt.

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Great For Hauling Home Cookies

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Sometimes Function Over Form Is Good

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View From The Side