Cheap (really cheap) Highway Pegs



Attention Classic owners. Have you replaced your stock passenger pegs with floorboards? Well, donít throw away those pegs, because they do have a purpose.

What you need:

 1. Stock passenger pegs. If you donít have them anymore, you probably know someone who has a pair in their garage gathering dust. Iíve even seen them on Ebay for $1

  2. (2) 3 piece (Custom Chrome) frame clamps. In my case I bought 1 ¼Ē clamps for my Cobra highway bar.  Measure your own 'engine protector' bar to determine the clamp size you will need.  The clamps can be bought at any bike shop, and are listed in J&P Cycles for $5.99 each (part # 7000125).

 How to:

Installation doesnít get easier than this: Attach the clamp on the highway bar. Use the stock peg and nut to hold it all together, and youíre done!!!! This is a really cheap mod, and even though the peg isnít chrome, it only cost you $12 and 20 minutes of your timeÖ..


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