One 'Classy' Riding Jacket

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Finally, someone gets it right.   A jacket that not only protects your elbows and back in the event of an unscheduled get off but that you can also wear to work, the store, to a cafe or anyplace without announcing that you just arrived on a motorcycle.  

It's the "Classy Rider" Weekender jacket. ( )  The "Classy Rider" weekender is for the rider who would like to wear something as light as a sports coat and that blends in when off the bike but at the same time provides all the body protection a high quality motorcycle jacket can give. If youíre one of those people then this oneís for you.

The amount of thought that has gone into every part of this jacket is unbelievable (see graphic at top of page). The outer material is a modern polyester that feels exactly like suede but without all the special care that soft leather would require. You can throw this jacket into your washing machine with cold water after youíve removed the padding. The jacket is completely lined with a breathable satin like material adding to the comfort and class.

Padding? Itís foam, the same thickness as a typical "Joe Rocket" or technical style jacket so it is unobtrusive as it protects elbows and back. The back (spine) pad is easily removable, held in place by snaps and Velcro. The elbow pads are actually inside zippered pockets inside the lined sleeves. Pretty fancy eh? The ends of the sleeves have both elastic and Velcro so theyíre adjustable whether you wear your gloves inside or outside the jacket.

Letís talk storage. There are two outside pockets, both zippered (so your MP3 player canít fall out). Inside is one zippered pocket (for security) sized exactly to fit a typical mans wallet. Two other inside pockets use Velcro tabs for closure. One is above the wallet sized pocket on the left. The other is exactly the proper size to hold a map or brochures or any standard #10 business envelope you choose to tuck away.  At the jackets lower back is yet another pocket perfected for an imperfectly folded map or larger envelope. Suffice to say there is plenty of room for everything.

There are other well thought out touches. Hidden (zippered) vents under the arms to help air flow through the jacket on toasty days and a snap shut flap on the front to prevent wind from finding its way through the zipper on those cooler days and to prevent scratching your tank with the zipper. Near the collar on the back is a reflective "Classy Rider" logo. Very small but very visible when riding at night.

As the "Classy Rider" website ( ) notes this jacket runs a little large which is great if you need extra room inside for a heated vest or your six pack of abs is beginning to look more like a keg. The arms are longer than your standard sports coat to accommodate your reach to the grips.

I have ridden with the dark tan Weekender in temperatures ranging from mid 50ís to mid 90ís. The cooler temperatures were very comfortable but once past about 80 it got a little roasty toasty. The lighter colored 'Weekender' jackets are made of a slightly lighter weight material and while they have the same elbow and back padding and other features they're going to be a little more comfortable in warmer climates.

You can even travel with this jacket.  I took mine on a recent vacation just in case I could get some riding in while on the road.  I ended up wearing it both for riding and, with the spine pad removed, casual dress up at a restaurant.   

Classy Rider also offers womenís styles and they all come in assorted colorsÖ..even in black.

The company also produces these really slick reflective arm bands in two sizes.  See their website for details.