Relocate Your Fast Idle Knob
For Easy Reach & Engine Speed Control
Ray Haefy

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The photo shows it all.  Ray needed a way to set his idle a little higher than normal for low speed practice and other situations where there's a lot of 'friction zone' use and discovered using the Vulcan (FI) fast idle knob is an ideal way.  The problem is it's original location which, as all Vulcan owners know, isn't exactly in an easy to reach location when the bike is moving.   Ray describes his solution below.

I have relocated the fast idle control to the top of the right side air intake cover. (See photo) The knob is now easily accessible just below the tank on the right side. Since the idle adjustment knob is below the air intake cover this seems like a good place for the fast idle control as well. The cable now makes a smooth U-turn instead of going forward, down and to the left. Not only is this more convenient as far as using the control for what it is intended for (cold warm-up) but it will come in handy when making tight turns (if I can ever get that good at it).

To reroute the cable you'll find it easier if you remove or at least lift and push back the gas tank.  Tank removal is very easy on a Vulcan but if you've never done it before it'll help if you have an assistant.  Instructions are posted here.

For the bracket I used a 6 inch piece of 1” X 1/8th” aluminum strap bent over a round object to match the curve of the air intake cover. I bent the very end at a little more than 90 degrees for the cable attachment. The strap is attached to the cover with three pop rivets. One should not use bolts and nuts here as there is a danger of something coming loose and finding its way into the air intake. There are factory installed pop rivets inside the cover. I feel that they are safe to use here but I will inspect them periodically. I polished the metal strap with Mother’s Aluminum Polish. The control could also be installed on the left air intake cover if preferred.

This mod can be reversed by swapping the right cover with the left one and installing the one with the three small holes such that they are at the bottom.

 Ray Haefy (Square Dude)