Add a Fender Light
Thanks to Harry Brown

Items needed:

masking tape
drill with appropriate bits
primary wire
ground wire
male and female plug connectors
splice connectors
3/4 split sheathing (Radio Shack)

I got this light (pictured above) from and the model # is 240053.

How To:


Tape off fender and mark location of light. Not too far forward, not too far back and centered. Measure and measure again. Take the fender off and drill holes. Mount the light.


My light came with a single 'hot' wire relying on the light chasis mounted to fender for ground. I added a ground wire.

Lay a bead of silicone on the underside of fender and imbed the wires. I brought the wires out where the fender connects to the forks. At this point you need more wire to run to the headlight bucket so I attached male and female plug connectors. Now if I need to take the fender off for any reason I can unplug the wiring. Run the wires up the brake line and into the headlight bucket. I spliced the 'hot' wire into the low beam wire and the ground wire into the headlight ground. Wrap the brake line and wires with the sheathing for a clean look.