A Solo Fender Rack That Flows!
It Follows The Curve Of Your Rear Fender

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You ride solo, never carry a passenger so have no need of the pillion pad but a naked fender doesn't do much for your sense of style either. What to do? Well, there is a Kawasaki Fire & Steel fender rack available. It is flat on top and pretty square around the edges. Functional but not very stylish. There are a couple of other companies offering fender racks but they're made from a stamped piece of steel which is curved to fit the fender profile. Closer.

How about this?

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Yamaha has a line of rear fender racks made for its 'Star' line. The rack in the photo is off of a Royal Star and is part number STR-4NK51-20-00 retailing for about $90. You can find them on E-bay regularly selling (new in package) for $50 or less..

The Yamaha rack bolts up fairly easily to the Nomad fender only requiring the attachment tabs at the front of the rack be bent outward about 1/2 inch. You can attach the rack with the same bolts that formerly held your pillion bracket (but they're painted black) or you can find some nice looking metric cap screws or chrome/polished bolts the same length.

In the photo below you'll see a rear view of the rack and note in the center bottom is a chrome cap. The rack has provision for a third bolt here but I chose not to use it (requires drilling another hole in the fender) and glued a simple chrome cap in that space. The two front bolts are plenty strong enough to hold anything you might choose to put on the rack.

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View From The Rear

Left Side