Ignition Switch Relocation for 4.2 Gallon Tanks
By Ray Castleberry

/files/includes/images/4.2_gallon_switchrelo.jpg (32304 bytes)

Obviously there's more than one way to skin this particular cat.   You can fork over $150 or more to an aftermarket company and have yourself a really slick plug and ride ignition switch mounted where Kawasaki should have put the switch in the first place or, you can do it Ray's way and save big bucks.

What You'll Need

1- Harley Davidson 3 pin Ignition switch /files/includes/images/4.2_gallon_hd_switch.jpg (18138 bytes) (less than $30 on E-Bay the photo was taken from an E-Bay auction where it sold for $11.50) 
1 - Piece of aluminum plate
Assorted electrical connectors
1- 100 ohm 1/2 watt resistor

How To Do It

Disconnect the battery negative terminal.  You're going to be working with wires that are always 'hot' here and just the barest touch against the tank or any other path to ground will pop fuses.  Save yourself the grief,  disconnect the battery until the switch is completely installed.

Dash insert

Remove the dash insert and trace it to a scrap piece of 1/8 aluminum plate and cut out the shape.  Drill the /files/includes/images/hd_ign_sw_mount.jpg (35433 bytes) switch hole with a 1 3/4" hole saw and use a sanding drum in a drill press or handheld drill to enlarge to 1 29/32".  Now drill the 2 light holes ( oil an temp) with a 5/8" bit. There won't be room for the blinker lite so  tape over the end and around the light and wire ( so you won't lose it) and stuff it under the dash.  The switch will mount to the plate as shown in the drawing at left.

After fine tuning the fit and the holes,  either cover the Aluminum insert with a piece of self adhesive chrome and cut out the holes with a utility knife.( chrome rocker panel cover for GM Trucks that I got at a Auto Trim store. It comes in 8"wide x however long you want, sells by the foot)  or just paint the aluminum plate.



White wire is hot feed from battery  

Brown wire is hot feed out of switch

Gray wire is feed for CDI with the resistor


You can tie the Brown and Gray wires together and connect to the same switch lug as long as you have the resistor inline in the gray wire !!!! 

And that's all there is !  Enjoy not having to contort yourself into unnatural shapes to reach the key from now on or....who needs keys !??