Inviso Driving Lights For Your Vulcan Classic
Thanks to Greg "Undertaker" Harris VROC#6362
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The Round Xtreme Driving Light Kit features extremely bright light (Size: 2 1/4" Dia. x 2 1/2" Depth). Available at most automotive stores and Wal-Mart or this website: the part number is XT-859. These high powered halogen lights come with mounting brackets, wiring and a switch for installation. Highly polished and coated crystal glass lens emits amber light for increased visibility compared to conventional lights. Includes two (2) 12V Halogen bulbs.

They do not disrupt the clean front classic lines as they tuck away between the floorboard and frame with a simple hose clamp. The wiring was simple, and did not require removal of the fuel tank...only the seat! The lense housing has a drain hole on the bottom of the bezel so you will need to be sure you invert the bezel for proper moisture drainage. I did need to bend the mount bracket with a pair of pliers a bit to make them fit around the frame arm to which the floorboards are mounted.

Total Mod time was about an hour.

[Gadget Note: For any aftermarket lighting installation the use of a relay is highly recommended. Please see this page Wiring Driving Lights for details. Also note if you're fond of dragging your floorboards around turns this probably isn't the mod for you. The lights will be in severe danger of being shattered by the pavement.]

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