Organize Your Saddlebags
By Jax

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Pouches Riveted To Bag Side Hold Flashlight, Pencils Even an Ammo Clip


Have you ever noticed how riders with top loading saddlebags are always digging for things, especially small items like pens, batteries and other things they know are in there "someplace".  

Jax has come up with a super simple solution for storing those smaller items using something that might be lying around in a junk drawer in your home.  

What You'll Need

Maglite, Leatherman or other type of pouch   
Just determine your needs and find the right size/shape pouches.  You might want to keep one type item (pens, batteries etc) in one bag, tools (flashlight, leatherman, fuses) in the other.

1-Rivet gun.  If you don't have one check with neighbors


How To Do It/files/includes/images/jax_pouch2.jpg (99326 bytes)

Punch a hole in the top of a pouch and drill a hole in your bag very close to the top  so the lid will cover the rivet when it's closed.   /files/includes/images/jax_pouch3.jpg (91212 bytes)

When finished you'll have something that looks similar to this /files/includes/images/jax_pouch1.jpg (106575 bytes) No more digging for small items.