A Nomad 1600 Light Bar
For Under $100
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John Herring

John got a new '05 1600 Nomad nearly as soon as they rolled off the boat and so was among the first to discover there weren't many aftermarket parts available.  He didn't want to wait around so John put the creative side of his brain to work and came up with the following super simple (and inexpensive) light bar solution. 

What you'll need to create John's Lightbar For The 1600

1- Set of 4.5" spots from JP Cycle  /files/includes/images/j-pspotlight.jpg (5134 bytes) (PN 330-531) $29.99 each at this writing

2- 3/4" conduit cable routing clamps ($1.79 for a 5 pack from Lowe's)

2- 1" spacers Click For Larger Image

1- Piece of 1/8"x 1" flat aluminum (see photo above) or 1-set of Goldwing riser spacers  which are a lot prettier.  JC Whitney Part # ZX015551W   $18.00 at this writing.

Optional, chrome tape, chrome hardware

How To Do It

Cut and drill the aluminum and add the above parts as shown.   At your option grind/cut/shape the aluminum piece to suit your eye and either polish or cover with chrome tape.  Tape is recommended between the brackets and any Click For Larger Imageother parts touching already chromed parts of your bike.    If clamps from a hardware store look a little too agrarian to you get some from J&P, the same with nuts and bolts.  Chrome instead of plated would really look great.   Instead of flat aluminum stock for the light mount use Goldwing riser spacers /files/includes/images/jh_1600_lightbar_wing_spacer.jpg (66965 bytes)/files/includes/images/jh_1600_lightbar_wing_spacer2.jpg (90650 bytes)




To connect your new spotlights see this Gadget page so it's done properly with a relay.

And there you have it, a spotlight holder and lights for about $65.

(btw, the turn signals shown in the photo at the top of this page are from Custom Dynamics, the lowers are from Gene Garrison of Moxy Lowers fame.  The lowers will only work with the windshield all the way up and probably not with other light bars.  Check that with Gene)