Lay Down License Plate
Brent Dewald
See Photo

[Gadget Note: Laying the license plate flat against the Drifters rear fender is just slightly more challenging than on the Classic and Nomad. Brent was kind enough to work it out and send additional instructions. Thanks Brent!]

El Sids post about the license plate bracket works for the 1500 Drifter as well. You should make the following modifications:

1. The bolts need to be ground so the heads are thinner and the license plate sits flush.

2. I used a Dremmel to cut a slot in the top for a straight screwdriver blade after I made the bolts thinner. I also bent the backing plate, the frame and the license plate for a curved
look that matches the fender a little better.

3. I used a 3/8" thick rubber chunk cut to size and bought longer bolts at the hardware store. I also changed the clear license plate light bulb out for a blue one I found at K-Mart.

The total project including the backing plate, the chrome frame, the blue bulb and all the hardware cost me $18.00.

The Finished Product