Level It

A simple and economical way to level your Vulcan to check oil level and other maintenance tasks
By R. Murphy

I Came up with a way to check the oil with the bike level without worrying about it tipping or needing a helper. Had some scraps of 3/4" and 1/4" plywood. Cut them into 6" X 10" pieces. Stacked them up and screwed them together to make two blocks. One 2 3/4" high, the other 6 1/2" high. I put the taller one under the frame on the right hand side of the bike and put the other on the floor next to the sidestand. I sit on the bike, lean it to the right, and push the shorter block under the sidestand. Your bike is now level and secure. Note photo below. From the camera angle the bike looks off center, but it is actually level.

[Gadget Note: You should probably try to avoid moving the front wheel as this could cause the bike to move sideways, possibly sliding the kick stand off the block]