The Magic Bag
By Art Friedman, December 1998 "Motorcycle Cruiser" Magazine

In the December 1998 issue of "Motorcycle Cruiser" magazine, then editor Art Friedman wrote a couple of pages, listing items he carries with him either some of the time or all of the time. I won't re-type the entire article but below you'll find a list of the items and where they're carried (on Art's bike) to pick and choose what might be important to you.


Pockets & Wallet

Tail or Saddlebags
(many of these items are for longer trips, others can stay in your bags at all times carried in a 6 pack bag)

Fanny Pack

Change for phone booth

Face Shields Stored in Socks

Cell phone

Credit Cards

Small Can of Cleaner (Plexus, Pledge, Honda etc)

Electronic organizer with emergency phone numbers

Small Pocketknife/Flashlight Combo

Clean rags

Waterproof flashlight


Water Bottle

Spare batteries


Spare gloves

Small bottle of "Lenscrafters" solution for face shield cleaning



Craftsman Pocket Screwdriver or Multi-Tool


First-aid kit

Pen & paper


Bicycle strobe light



Tools (small Crescent wrench, pliers, ratchet and sockets, box wrenches, Allen wrench set, Tire repair kit, Jumper cables, Waterless hand cleaner, Tow Strap)



Parts & Supplies ( Duct tape, Nuts & bolts, 6 feet of electrical wire, Cotter pins, Bulbs, Fuses, Tire sealant, Spark plugs, Small container of oil



Weather band radio



Local & state maps

Tire gauge



Spare bike key


Bike Lock

Cable ties


Bungee Cords



Insurance/Registration papers

Lip balm


Kickstand plate

Contact lens supplies


Small bottle of sunscreen


Hand cleaner wipes