Parts Microfiches
Courtesy of JMR2112 (Delphi Vulcan List Screen Name)


First off, everyone owes JMR2112 huge thanks for all the work he put into compiling these fiches from Kawasaki's Website.  It is time consuming work.

These are the same parts diagrams and part descriptions you'll find on Kawasaki's Website.   Locate the listing closest to your bike model or use a combination of fiches as needed.  These fiches are provided primarily so riders have easy access to a pictoral guide to how parts fit together.  It is strongly suggested you check directly with the Kawasaki Website, looking at your exact model and year before ordering parts as some part numbers may vary year to year. 



Vulcan 1500 A6 (BUBF)
the earliest Vulcan with twin carbs
Vulcan 1500 Carbed Classic
This fiche shows part numbers specifically for the Carbed Classic.  ('03 model shown)

Vulcan 1500 Nomad FI 2001 through 2004
'Note: the 00 FI Nomad is a composite of carbed and FI Vulcans This fiche should not be used to order parts for the '00 bike

Vulcan 1600 Classic
also applies to 1600 Nomad but bags and some frame mounted accessories are not shown.  Use the Nomad fiche (left) for bag and exhaust references as they are the same

Make Your Own Fiche

If the items above don't match your bike and you are the perfectionist type JMR has put together a manual (in pdf format) so you can download needed files for your specific year/model bike from Kawasaki's website and create your own custom fiche.