Mirror Tinting Made Simple
cut the headlight glare
(By Brian Register)

I used to tint windows for a living so here are some quick directions on how to tint your mirrors and reduce glare.

1. Clean window with soap and water..not windex or anything else. be sure to get it good and clean around the edges also.
2. Cut your tint to a size just a little larger than the mirror.
3. Using the same soap and water mixture (Just don't go over board with the soap..it doesn't take much) wet the mirror down REALLY well.
4. Tint is only sticky on one side...find the side with the clear layer(DO NOT PEEL IT YET!!!) and place it on the mirror with the CLEAR layer touching the surface of the mirror and trim it to the correct size.
5. Once you have it to the correct size remove the tint and start to peel it from the clear layer while you are spraying between the tint and clear layer with the soap and water. If you don't do this the clear layer will
stick to the tint and it will rip.
6. Apply the tint and do any final trimming.
7. Keep the tint wet.
8. Get all the little air bubbles out.( I find my drivers license works well. But KEEP THE TINT WET no matter what you use.
9. When you have all the air bubbles out...let the mirror dry and keep ALL water away from it for 2 days. This allows the tint to set.

When you clean the tint do NOT use anything with ammonia in it. This will cause the tint to turn that horrible purple color. I always tell everyone to use soap and water or a damp rag. Also be sure not to go too dark with the tint. Remember that the % of tint is the amount of light that it lets pass through. I would try for around 50%. No more than 35% to be sure or all you can see at night is 2 little balls of light where the cages headlights are.
I don't know how well tint will stand up outside a vehicle. Try it and see!

Good Luck!
Brian (Shooter) Register
2002 1500 Vulcan Classic FI
2000 VN800A
SCRC # 162055
VROC # 7158