Oil Filter Options
Huge thanks to Mark Lawrence who originally compiled this list and who hosts an excellent website full of motorcycle tips & tricks

The following information Applies To All Vulcan 800, 1500 & 1600 Engines
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Note: The shorter 2.5" length is stock, 3.5" can be used after measuring to be sure your model has enough clearance. These filters can not be used on Vulcans that were subject to the factory oil filter recall and now have the canister style filter installed. That filter (until someone notifies me they've found a direct replacement someplace) Kawasaki is part number 99999-0032 which includes the oil filter element, relief valve and o-ring.

These Oil Filters have 20 x 1.5mm threads, 14 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve, 2.3" O.D. gasket and are 2.5" to 3.5" long. ( in this case longer is definitely better 'if' you can get your oil filter wrench in the space.

A quick Gadget tip: Something you'll discover sooner or later (better sooner) it is actually simpler to reach and remove/install your oil filter from the left side of the bike. Check it out while you're removing the oil screen bolt.

Filters Specifically Marketed For Motorcycles

Highly Recommended Replacements
Here's Why Note the grading based on construction and filtering mediums

Kaw OEM # 16097-0004  (number supercedes 16097-1072 or 16097-1068 that your manual might show)

AC Delco PF2135
Carquest 85358
Honda 15410-MCJ-000
K&N KN-204, about $13. Metric nut on end for easy removal.
NAPA Gold 1358
Purolator ML16817. Imported, not made by Purolator.
WIX 51358

About 2.5 inches long (best if your goat belly (pre muffler) is still installed)

Purolator Pure One PL14612, about $6.
Mobil M1-108, about $12.
Made by Champion.
Bosch 3300, about $6.
Made by Champion.

About 3.25 inches long (better with aftermarket pipes or goat belly is bypassed and removed)

Purolator Pure One PL14610, about $6.
Mobil 1 M1-110, about $10 Made by Champion.
Bosch 3323, about $6.
Made By Champion.
WalMart SuperTech ST7317,
about $2. Made by Champion.