Daddo's Pegleg
Ron Haidenger

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Okay, we all know that the Vulcan 1500/1600 oil level site glass can be a real pain especially if you drop your bike on yourself while trying to check it. And, not only is it difficult to see the site glass without assistance, it's also difficult to ensure your bike is level when doing your check.

Enter Daddo's Pegleg not as great as one of those miraculous Ginzu knives, but it has a purpose and it fulfills it well. It gives your bike an extra leg to stand on while checking your oil.

/files/includes/images/pegleg-alone.jpg (14983 bytes) Daddo's Pegleg is a length of 3 inch ABS plastic pipe with a half circle cut out of one end and its length trimmed to that required to level your bike when propped under your muffler on the right side of the bike.

This is not meant to serve as a safety stand when doing mechanical work but it stabilizes your bike, makes sure it is perfectly level and saves you from the threat of the bike toppling over on top of you. It's cheap to build (less than $2.00) and even light and portable for stuffing in your saddlebags when going on a trip.

Only one major word of warning DO NOT USE IT WITH HOT PIPES!

Build Instructions:

(1) Buy a 1 foot long piece of 3 inch ABS plastic pipe the stiff black plastic stuff they use for sewage drain pipes.

(2) Cut half circles out of opposing side on one end. A jig saw cut through it like butter and a course file works great for cleaning it up and making adjustments.

(3) Carefully measure the distance from the ground up to the bottom side of your right side muffler. Having a friend hold your bike is the best way to do this. Take care with this step as the measurement is critical; even a in error will put your bike off level when sitting on the pegleg.

(4) Cut the pegleg to length.

The next time you want to check your oil, simply place the pegleg under your muffler and gently lean the bike over onto it. Adjust its positioning if the bike tilts it at an angle. Then, with your bike stabilized, you can check you oil level in safety and confidence.

Daddo [VROC #19526]