Gas Tank & Fender Trim

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This is one of those great aftermarket tips that has been used for years on motorcycle gas tanks with a flange around the bottom (the Vulcan 4.3 gallon tank) to add a bit of flair.   John Arsenault expanded on the theme, adding trim to his Vulcan's front and rear fender too.   You can see the classy results above.

What You'll need:

Self Sticking 3/8" chrome door edging available at most automotive stores. You'll want to find (normally in the truck department) the kind that comes in a 10 foot length to avoid seams.  You'll need just under 20 feet to do a tank and both fenders.

How to do it:

1. For the tank remove the seat from your bike to reach all the way to the rear of the tank seam.

2. Beginning at the rear of the flanged portion of the tank begin pressing the edging on, working your way all around the tank.

3. When you're all the way around, cut the excess with scissors or knife.


1. For The Fenders it will help to remove saddlebags and anything else that might get in your way but there's no need to remove the entire fender.   

2. Start at a spot where the seam will be invisible like just inside the fork.    Work your way all around the front fender.     For the rear fender you can start right at a front edge and work your way to the other side.

In all cases a little drop of superglue will help keep the very ends of the trim from peeling away while you ride. 

You're done! Put the seat back on and ride!