Windshield Tinting Made Simple
Match Your Bike, Cut Glare or Just Look Cool!
(Thanks to Hoss)

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After hearing about this product available at craft stores I found it at my local WAL*MART for $2.00 a can! The product is called "Krylon Stained Glass Color" (Gadget Note: also recommended for coloring turn signal lenses) It is available in several colors, including red, green, amber, blue, as well as colors that are "frosted" instead of transparent.

How To:

1. Remove the windshield from your bike, completely disassemble all the hardware and wash the shield thoroughly with mild soap and water on the inside of the shield then dry it thoroughly. You do not need to scuff the surface to make this product stick.

2. Tape off the parts that you do not want sprayed and made sure to tape both sides of the shield where the mounting holes are drilled through.

3. With temperature at 70 degrees or higher, shake the can vigorously for several minutes began spraying in very light even coats. Three coats were used to get the results in the picture above. The more coats that are applied the darker the color becomes. This color is still see through, and thanks to it being sprayed on the inside of the shield, the front side has added gloss from the lexan itself.