Add a HD Windshield Triple Pouch To Your Fairing

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This is a Harley Davidson Triple Pouch designed For '96 and later FLH models
As you can see it fits nicely on a Premeux and probably other 'batwing' style fairings


What You'll Need

1- Harley Davidson Part #58900-98B listed in the HD catalog as a "Leather Multi-Pocket Windshield Pouch" for FLH and FLHTC/U models.

1- Fairing mounted on your bike with an inner liner suitable for mounting this part (see photos below)

How To Do It

The Harley part shown lists for $99 (choke gasp) but you can find it online for substantially less and,  if you happen to know the guy behind the HD parts counter and took my advice last holiday season and left him a bottle of Scotch or his/her favorite Bourbon you can get it for $40 and the dealer still makes money (the markup makes you want to go into the accessories business eh?)  You can find less expensive windshield pouches.  Be advised most will be made of vinyl and most (maybe all) will start sagging very quickly.   These bags are very thick leather.   I'll have to get back to you if they start sagging.

When you pull the part out of the box you notice it is held on the stock FLH fairing by four hooks STYLE="mso-bidi-font-size : 12.0pt ; mso-bidi-font-weight : normal">