When You're Tired Of Doing The Math
Make Your Digital Speedometer Accurate (finally)


'plug-n-ride' cable please double check this in case something changed with your bike. Using your multimeter or test light unplug the sensor connector and make sure the black wire with yellow stripe is indeed ground by turning on the key and grounding the wire through your light or instrument. Nothing will happen. Now, with the key still on check the light green wire with black stripe. You should get a full 12 volts from this connection. The third wire, light green with red stripe 'might' give you some voltage reading but it will be something closer to 6 volts. If this all checks out, continue. If something is reversed then make a note of it and as we go through the process make the necessary changes for your bike. By the way, the Kawasaki manual shows all FI bikes from 2001-2004 with the exact same wiring harness and color coding so don't worry about this...just double check everything ok?

5. You will only be cutting (for Yellow Box) a single wire. It is the light green with red stripe wire that sends the speed signal from the sensor to the instrument. You can (should) just peel back the insulation on the black wire and the light green with black stripe wire. Note you can use those clamshell clamps to make your splices but they are never recommended on motorcycles. They vibrate and have been known to actually cut wires eventually. Don't actually attach any wires yet

6. It's time to figure out where you'll be stashing the box. As it happens (even on California models) there is plenty of room under the left cover.
harness a finished look. even mounted on the bike.